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CAR STYLING - Rhino 3D Modeling

Numero speciale da collezione del periodico nipponico CAR STYLING. Stampato su ben 119 pagine interamente a colori ed in lingua Inglese (a fronte dell`originale lingua Giapponese). Affronta in maniera molto interessante ed approfondita il tema della creazione di autovetture con Rhinoceros.


CAR STYLING - Rhino 3D Modeling




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Argomenti trattati:

Introduction: Properties of Rhinoceros and examples of Rhino models.
Chapter 1: Considering the significance of CAD modeling.
Chapter 2: Creating the glass surface of the windows.
Chapter 3: Creating the surfaces of the roof.
Chapter 4: Creating the body's side surface.
Chapter 5: Creating the lower surface of the body's side.
Chapter 6: Creating the back panel surfaces and wheel arch flare surfaces.
Chapter 7: Generating the surfaces of the details and modeling the parts.
Chapter 8: Organic Form Modeling.
Chapter 9: Modeling the interior (for organic forms).

*Rhino Q&A:
Reasons for Failures when using Boolean operations.
How do I connect the edges of surfaces that have been spilt?
Why does the result look different from the wire frame when shaded?
What are the camera settings?
What shoud I do about the lighting settings?
What are the basics of 3D rendering?
Ray tracing, rendering mesh and anti-aliasing.

*Rhino topics:
Deforming models using Universal Dformation Echnology(UDT)
Deforming models using Universal Deformation Technology (UDT)-Part 2